Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moisturizer Ramblings #1

It's a rainy, rainy day and I love it! Plus I got my certificates from the Philippine Red Cross for my Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid today! :) That's 1 out of 3! So all I have to wait for now is my IVT ID and nurse's license from the PRC!

Anyway, I have the urge to write a new blog post and this time it is about moisturizers. It's such an important part of my beauty ritual because dry skin just feels rough and looks unappealing and unhealthy. Besides, everyone wants to have baby-smooth skin, right?

So here are my current faves!

First up is Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream

I bought a tube of this life saving hand cream at Woolworths when I was in Australia last year during the fall season while grocery shopping with my dad (I forgot how much I paid though!). My fingers got super chapped and peeling from the intense cold in Melbourne (yeah, I am not used to the 8 degrees Celsius temperature) and it was persistent when we flew into Sydney. So it was a chance meeting that I have found this and since then it's been a love affair! It's a staple in the kitchen cabinet because I wash the dishes all the time plus doing some of the laundry by hand make them feel rougher and dryer than parched soil during El Nino. It instantly hydrates my skin in a flash and it's absolutely baby smooth! Plus it's unscented, so those who have a sensitivity to heavy fragrances will love this as much as I do.

Second is Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion :)

My current fave lotion! There's so much to love about this product! I purchase it in the 500 mL pump bottle around PhP199 which is about $5. It's a steal for the amount that you get! I also love the subtle, milky scent and the "watery" consistency. It doesn't feel sticky or greasy that some lotions and body butters have. It goes on smoothly and keeps skin soft all over. I turn to this lotion for everyday use because it doesn't hurt my pocket, the whole product lasts long, and lives up to its promise of giving you skin as supple as a baby's bottom! :)

Have you tried any of these products? If not, what do you use?

More ramblings to come! :D


  1. I love Johnson's milk lotion too! And also the milk bath. I use these two before going to bed and I swear my skin feels so smooth like a baby. And the scent is so yummy! :)

  2. Hi MariaKristela! :D

    I LOVE IT TOO! I also use the milk bath because more often than not, soap will dry out my skin. And I agree! The scent is lovely! It's my go-to product for everyday use :D

    Oh, and thank you for following my blog!