Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Night Brush Mini-Haul

Well, it's not so much of a haul, so I call it a mini-haul.

I've been lemming AND needing additional brushes lately -- for both traveling purposes and for my foundation. I  swear that I do not have the standard foundation brush in my basic sets, so I have to apply my liquid foundations with my fingers. Plus another boo-boo of mine is that I don't have a travel size brush that I can chuck inside my makeup bag for quick touch ups of my powder or blush.

Taking a trip to the Beauty and Minerals online store and the effective persuasion of Ms. K of Loving Sunshine, I decided to grab these two babies to join my growing brush family:

I bought the Luxe Flat Top brush...

...and the retractable kabuki brush in their new color Gold!

I personally opted to purchase a flat top brush to apply my liquid foundation because I have read from several  beauty bloggers that flat top brushes are the way to go to achieve an "airbrushed" look to your foundation rather than have the streaks and splotches sometimes encountered with the typical foundation brush or sponge. Plus it beats having to use my fingers especially when on a hurry (no time to scrub my hands clean of the LF)!

I will be writing a review of these two products tomorrow (since it's late now and I have to get some sleep :P), but one thing was for sure, these brushes are INSANELY SOFT. No regrets in this buy so far! Hopefully these babies work as great as the other Pinay bloggers rave about! :D

Good night!


  1. Oh cool! thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it.

    Glad to know you bought the flat top brush too together with your gold retractable kabuki. I love all of my Charm brushes. I also have a review on the Flat top brush just in case you're interested.

  2. im so happy for your haul! im actually trying to get my hands on the flat top too. i thought unavailable na :D

  3. @Hollie: I'll go and check out your flat top brush review as well as your other reviews! :D Can't wait to try my new brushes! I just might get the kabuki brush too :)

    @Kumiko: Get it!!! It's available and it's super awesome! Will test it out on my liquid foundation today for my review :)