Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wish List: DollFace Makeup Palettes

As a newbie makeup addict on a budget, I have been on a mission to find a palette that won't bust a major hole in my wallet. Since I started browsing beauty blogs a lot of women raved about Coastal Scents' range of palettes and colors, not to mention how pigmented they are. And just like them, I went nuts! I wanted to get my hands on those babies! Because you get 10 to 88 eyeshadows! Plus some sets even have built in blushes, concealers, and lip shades! Awesome right?

But as I scoured the world of Multiply shopping (yes I get most of my makeup from Multiply do most Filipinas these days) in search for those who carry Coastal Scents sets, I fell face first onto the DollFace store front! And HOT DANG! They have makeup palettes much like CS, but cheaper! Plus they even have their own brush sets that come with tons of tools on them!

Here's a preview of what they have to offer (photo credit to the DollFace Cosmetics admin):

88 Color Eyeshadow Palette (PhP 800)

88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (PhP 1,300)

88 Eyecandy Palette (PhP 1,350)

Vanity Palette (PhP 1,000)

15 Pc. Concealer (PhP 700)

But what I really want from them is this baby:

It is the 72 Neutral Palette! I was never known to use crazy colors like blue, green, or orange. Not even back in college when they required that we nurses spruce up our faces before doing our rounds. I like browns, pinks, purples, flesh tones, grays and black. I'm a neutral chick. So I all but chewed the polish off of my nails when I first saw this up on their site! It's perfect for me! Plus it's only PhP 850 then just have to shell out a little for the shipping. It's a steal! Coz I would often think that for 72 colors it would cost me a pretty penny. So I am definitely snagging this bad boy once my NYX order from another favorite seller of mine comes in!

To see more of what DollFace has to offer, check out their online store: DollFace Cosmetics


  1. i have a dollface avant garde palette and yes the colors are nice, color pay-off's nice too but it has a cosmetic smell that i dont like. but what i can recommend from dollface would have to be the palettes. not all the brushes are as good as they sound in the description. i got a brush set and immediately sold it after cause i ended up buying new ones. :( their brush roll's nice though.

  2. I'll definitely take your advice on the Avant Garde! :D The more that I read on it from your blog and others, I'm starting to shift toward the AG than the 72 neutral palette. I sure hope the smell isn't overwhelming though! Thanks for the tip on brushes! I was even considering getting one of theirs along with the Avant Garde palette. Saves me 900 bucks :))

  3. :) you should try Charm brushes. :D amazing... every time! :)

  4. You have read my mind! :D I was just thinking about getting the Charm flat top brush and the retractable kabuki! :)