Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

First review for this blog! :D Been a rainy day for me but still had to run grocery errands with my mom today. Yes, it's a ritual after church whether it be dry or wet season. Then again my motivations to go all changed when I saw that The Body Shop has 30% off on selected items for their members...which included me! And in spite of TBS having their item prices soaring off of the roof (they are SO expensive even on sale!), I was tempted to take a look because of the mere fact that I have a serious love affair with their products since college -- be it their synthetic brushes, Shimmer Waves palette, blush, lotions, and scrubs.

So after doing the groceries, I slipped into the store and got myself this:

It is The Body Shop's Olive Body Butter! Yes, I am a self-confessed lover of olive oil -- whether drizzled in my pasta, salad, or utilizing its prized power to moisturize the driest skin. I LOVE IT. And to be able to slather it on me without having to smell like pesto was a bonus. I got the full sized 200 ml tub as opposed to the small one my mom had for her Strawberry Body Butter. Plus because of its sale price, I bought this baby for PhP486 (roughly about $12).


True to its name, it has the same consistency as semi-melted butter. Light green butter to be exact. I had imagined it to be soft and easy to dig into like lotion, but this has a more solid feel to it. So I just swirled my fingers around it to "warm it up" and in the process got some of the cream, as opposed to my usual moisturizer (which is Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion) which is runny and almost watery.

It was quite greasy, albeit oily when I first smoothed it all over my hands that my pen was literally slipping between my fingers. But I suppose that was because I didn't allow it to be absorbed into my skin thoroughly so I had to apply slightly more friction to get rid of that greasy feeling.

As for the scent, it's a little overpowering for me at first because initially it smells a little like insect repellent lotion which was like a jolt to my nostrils. Although after a couple of rubs and letting it settle on the skin, it actually takes a subtle softness that I didn't expect it would have. Almost like this cologne I once had as a little kid. :)

But as for its ability to moisturize, it certainly packs more punch than my lotion and just two applications to my "quick-to-dry-and-roughen" hands made it quite more supple. With consistent and constant use, I'm hoping to see the results my mom brags about body butters. But I wouldn't be quick to toss out my beloved milk lotion though! Considering how expensive TBS body butter is compared to Johnson's products (I have their milk lotion in the 500 ml pump bottle which costs about PhP250), it would be safe to say that I will be alternating them to spare myself the woe of running out so fast and hocking up the cash for the regular price.


1.) It contains the essential olive oil which makes it a great moisturizer for dry skin.
2.) In a convenient tub which makes it good for my travel bag (since I stay overnights at my brother's place with my folks every other weekend). Doesn't take up too much space, plus the threat of spilling (which happens with pump bottles far too often) is kept at a minimum.
3.) Not difficult to dig out the contents once it's close to empty unlike with bottle or tube containers.


1.) As with every person who went to TBS, the price tag. It's over the top and crazy expensive for someone like me who often opts to visit drugstore and supermarket shelves for affordable cosmetics and beauty products.


Yes I would. Expensive as it is, work as a nurse requires me to ALWAYS wash my hands between patients. Plus the cold from constant exposure to air conditioning makes it that much drier and rougher. So I am definitely taking this to work with me.


At your local The Body Shop stores or online in their US store  

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