Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: OPI in The Thrill of Brazil

I've read about OPI since college from the Allure and Marie Claire magazines I've been buying with part of my allowance. And I was pretty sure that Rustan's in ATC had them on stock judging from the last time I was there. So as soon as my mom had time to go to the mall, I rushed to the OPI shelf and browsed for something I'd like! I wasn't looking for a specific color when I went there, but my eyes instantly trained to the reds. The last red I had was Caronia (a cheap local brand) Tea Rose which had some pink undertones. It was okay, but I wanted something that was "the perfect shade of red", something that doesn't have so much pink in it.

Then I found this!

It's OPI's The Thrill of Brazil! And it was the LAST bottle they had of it!

It was fate it seemed that brought me and this shade together. I was no fan of maroon tones and excess glitter (I'll leave that to my mom's lovable and yet quite eccentric sister) which was racked up next to this. So I just had to buy this before any other woman fought me tooth-and-nail for it. :P

I can't rave enough about this shade and how gorgeous it looks once applied. It's a little lighter in the above pic because I was taking it in our brightly lit living room with my iPhone (can't live without it!). It is actually a deep red, almost crimson when seen in normal lighting. And the color reminds me of sexy film noir sirens like Marilyn Monroe and even pin-up queen Betty Davis with their come hither looks coupled with a sultry voice that is nothing but alluring!

I only have nice things to say about OPI and this color, except for the fact that it chips easily. About a week and a half into wearing their polish, it starts to chip away at the ends and at the sides. Plus having it graze a surface will do it in, especially with just one coat. That's why my manicurists puts two and sometimes three coats above the base before slathering on the top coat. So far it seems to be working since it's almost two weeks that I have been wearing the color and it's still managing to survive.


1.) That unique flat brush that makes application so easy!
2.) Has a nice solid red color, minus the hints of pink that I hate.
3.) Doesn't have the overwhelming chemical odor. It has, but not as strong. Although I still suggest that you apply the product in a well ventilated area.
4.) Doesn't yellow my nails as much as cheaper brands. Others make mine look like I was jaundiced (a.k.a. yellowish skin and eye pigmentation due to liver problems)!


1.) Quite expensive as opposed to local brands.
2.) Chips easily, so I ave to apply twice and sometimes thrice before I can add the top coat.


Yes I would. I absolutely ADORE this color, and so did my manicurist. But that would entirely depend if the retailer near me stocks up on this again.


OPI is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Rustan's.

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