Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush

It's been a few days since I received my Charm brushes through the mail and I have tried and tested each of them. So now here's my review of the retractable kabuki!

I suppose that in every makeup junkie's kit, there's got to be the quintessential tool that they can lug around with them for touch-ups -- namely a retractable kabuki brush. Being a noob, I absolutely lacked it so I thought of getting one that was synthetic AND didn't hurt my budget. So Beauty and Minerals offered a great solution for this little dilemma!

I bought their retractable kabuki in their new Gold color (it was once only available in Pink), and it has now found a home in my makeup pouch! I once feared that the size might be too small, but upon opening the adorable box it came in, it was just the right size. Like my flat top brush, this darling is exceedingly soft and dense, and applies my blush and pressed mineral foundation like a dream. And the white tips of the bristles make it so that you know that the product sits right on top. And I suppose that one of the good things about the retractable kabuki is that you can pull up the sleeve of the brush so you can get a denser application than diffused.


1.) Synthetic hairs = no animals harmed
2.) Antibacterial bristles
3.) Absolutely no shedding. I washed the brush before use and after, and not one hair fell out.
4.) The price won't break your bank considering the awesome quality of this brush.
5.) The size is perfect! Not too big or too small.
6.) Available locally.
7.) Dries quite quickly and does so within the day.


1.) The brush has a weird smell the first time I opened it. That's why I washed it before using.


I just might to give one to a friend or my mom! This brush is just so nifty when on the move! :)


It can be purchased for PhP580.00 in Beauty and Minerals' online store

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